Driverless Led Track Spot Light

The track of the Driverless Led Track Spot Light, now commonly used track generally has 1 m ~ 1.5 m ~ 2 m of three lengths, the height of the track strip is generally around 20cm, it is generally recommended that everyone use the 1 m track for the home-installed track lamp. Long-size tracks are recommended for cabinets or corridors, such as clothing stores.

Product Details

 Driverless Led Track Spot Light 7w 10w 15w 


Shop,store, hotel, club, exhibition, supermarket, and etc.

Product Features:

1.Quality imported AC COB chip with excellent patent, CRI>80/90,high luminous efficiency, stable performance to provide uniform & comfortable light layout, extreme low flicker.

2. High quality aluminum heat sink to ensure ingenious shape and increase dissipation space.

3. Excellent precision optical design with high quality reflector, clear light shape and high peak intensity.

4. TRIAC dimming, efficient installation, good cost performance..

5. Easy adjustable to satisfy different direction lighting requirements.

6. Serialized products, classic design, powers range 5W-15W

7. Lifespan up to 50,000 hours, 3/5 years warranty.

Driverless Led Track Spot Light

Model        Power    Light Source   Luminous Flux     CCT               CRI     PF       Beam Angle   Size(mm)

AL-T0215   15W       Cree COB        1400lm             3000-6000K   ≥80    ≥0.9   15°24°38°       D85*120mm

AL-T0215   15W       AC COB          1400lm              3000-6000K   ≥80    ≥0.9   15°24°38°       D85*120mm

Driverless Led Track Spot Light

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