Focusing Adjustable COB LED Track Light

Focusing Adjustable COB LED Track Light

High Quality 360 Degree Focusing Led Rail Lamp Adjustable COB(38x38) LED Track Light
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Product Details

This lamp is hot sale in Austria.
We develop our own LED Lightsystems for our customers with special needs.
We use the 3 Phase Rail mounting system for Spot-LED-body.
We don't use an LED-COB-Chip integrated, we use our own LED-COB-Chips. We have developed our own LED-COB-Chips already.


Our Spot-LED-body with the following specifications:
- mounting system for 3 Phase Rail
- adjustable Focus
- rotatable 360° connection at the top
- rotatable or tiltable at the bottom
- compatible for installing a LED-COB size of 38x38mm
- beam Angle from 12° to 60°
- existing wiring from railconnection to LED-COB-chip

AL-TL0310A(主图A2)tracklightAL-TL0310A尺寸tracklightYou may see the attachement picture for sample.
If you want it, we will send it to you as soon as possible. and yes, we will give you the best price.
Our MOQ order is 100pcs, If you need sample first  it is also okay.