High Lumen COB 40W LED Track Lighting Bulb

High Lumen COB 40W LED Track Lighting bulbs with 3 years warranty,Anti - glare LED Track Lights Spotlight Loft Industrial Lighting Clothing Shoes Store Down Light

Product Details

High Lumen COB 40W LED Track Lighting bulb

1.Aluminum die-cast body,powder coating finishing;

2.Good ventilation structure, improve the life of the light

3.Inner part of the light outlet use black painting finish and the light source is
hidden,very well anti-glare, soft and comfortable

25w led track light

This fashion lamp is a tubular track light available in two diameters 83mm and 98mm, and all common output configurations are possible.

 40W LED Track Lighting bulbs.jpg

Track Lighting Description:

Model: AL-TL01 series track light

Wattage: 25W / 28W / 30W / 35W / 40W


Beam angle: 18 / 28 / 42 degree

Size: dia83x188mm / dia98x210mm

Material: aluminum

Working temperature:-20℃-50℃

Color: white / black / grey

Warranty: 3 years

Quality Control Of Our LED Track Light:

1.72-hours Aging Test

2. High-voltage Test

3. Grounding ConductionTest

4. Photometrics Sphere Test

5. IESluminaireDistribution

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