Intelligent Remote Control Motorized Track Light

Intelligent Remote Control Motorized Track Light

intelligent remote control motorized track lighting
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Motorized lighting is a collective name for the series of intelligent remote control lighting which were developed by Alight Optoelectronic Industry Commerce  Co., Ltd. (Equity code 892091) in 2017. It integrates remote control to adjust the moving direction or adjust the shape structure and remote control dimming, Mainly change the defects of the traditional commercial lighting and home lighting fixtures (such as track lights, down lights,ceiling lamps, etc.) only with a single function: fixed appearance and shape, and can not be changed. Through the remote controller, can automatically change the illumination angle/direction or change the shape structure of the lamp (such as changing from down light to chandelier light) in a short time, So that one lamp can take care of multiple lighting functions. It is more in line with the needs of modern decoration for the intelligent, diversified and simple and practical use of commercial lighting and home lighting.     

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1.Install quick and save cost. Directly snap into the track during installation, automatically adjust the lighting direction, saving about 50% installation time.

2.Easy to use, one installation, permanent use. After installation, remotely adjust the direction of illumination according to your need, no stair, saving time and vigors. Especially suit the high ceiling such as museums, art galleries, hotel lobbies, etc.

3.Safe to use. After installation, remotely adjust the direction of illumination, No need to touch the charged lamp body, reducing the risk of electric shock.

4.More features,this track light is also dimming and color changeable, suit many kinds of situations.