Remote Control Motorized Track Lighting Fixtures

1. The die-casting aluminum or lathe aluminum lamp body, with every pats well-designed and looking fashionable. All parts will be strictly according to EU&AU regulation. 2. Use the generation of high quality COB chips, such as CREE, LUMILEDS,CITIZEN and Bridgelux,high lumens 90-100lm/W. 3. Available in 20W-40W, track mounted and surface mounted for options. 4. 5000hours lifespan and 3 years warranty. 5. No UV/ IR Radiation, Mercury-free.
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Remote control motorized track lighting fixtures

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Q1: What is track light?
- Track lighting is a type of spotlight fixtures, it is usually mounted on a continuous electrical conductors track device.

Q2: What are the advantages of track lights?
- Spotlights downlights and pendant lamp are usually mounted on a flat ceiling, which requires the wires to be routed in advance to the reserved positions of the individual lights. But track lights can either be mounted to ceilings or walls, lengthwise own beams, or crosswise across rafters or joists. They can also be hung with rods from especially high places like vaulted ceilings.

Q3: Track lights Commonality and replaceability.
- There are three standard types of tracks used worldwide. They are often termed "H", "J", and "L" track, after the names of the manufacturers that established the standards, Halo, Juno, and Lightolier. To identify a track fixture, if it has three contacts, it is likely an "H" type. If the contact-tips are 1 inch apart, it is likely a "J" type, but if they are 7/8 inch apart, the track is likely an "L" type. Many systems now use a single live and then use digital control interfaces such as DALI to control the fittings. This means that each fitting can be independently controlled. Typical systems have line voltage running through a recessed track. The track may have more than one live conductor, so that multiple switched circuits can be used to control different fittings on the same track. Installers will place the tab of the connector on the fixture to one side or the other when attaching it to the track.

Q4: Where is the track light usually installed?
- Track lights, like spotlights, are widely used in many places, such as hotel halls, guest rooms, aisles, kitchens, restaurants, bathrooms, supermarkets, retail stores, and even sewers.

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