Zoom Track Lights Fixtures

This zoom track light fixtures can zoom freely and use one lamp at a time. It adjust from 20 degree concentrated to 60 degree astigmatism.
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Product Details

Zoomable 20 30 40 50 60 angle Degrees Zoom Track Light Fixtures 

For Museum Gallery Shop with 3 Years Warranty

Zoom Track Lights Fixtures

Zoom Track Lights Fixtures Specification 

zoom track ight fixture是、

zoom track light fixtures

Application of zoom track light fixtures                                                         

1.Various retail (Clothes store, Furniture shop, Jewelry counter).

2.Starred hotels, Show window, display counter.

3.Display cases, watches, exhibit hall, showroom, museum.

4.Display shelves, lounges.

5.The advertising and logo of mapping where the lighting display is a necessity. etc.

zoom track light fixtures

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